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It is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to our
tailored 1 on 1 coaching solution.

Many of us have fallen into a rhythm in life where we de-prioritise ourselves; we are driven by deadline and quick fixes. 

As a result, we often adopt bad habits that not only affect our health, but our relationships, personal lifestyle, and productivity.

Poor health can often lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence and motivation. Many different levels of depression can be experiences.

I completely understand the anxiety and frustration; I too have been there.

In a world where information is abundant and freely accessible, it is easy to lose sight of health and wellness goals.

Even when a person grasps the concept and understands what lies ahead, it can be tough to find the motivation and willpower to get started.

Maintaining any level of commitment can be very difficult when adversity arises.

We have developed a winning formula that is backed by science proven results with very different individual needs.

Ivan Scannell

ISFit Founder & Director

meet the team
My name is Ivan Scannell

Firstly, thank you for visiting ISFit
I love what I do and am very passionate about using my knowledge and experience to not only help people transform their body and mind, but to educate them on how to achieve longevity!

“ISFit helps me to lead by example, influence and have significance to people wanting to transform their lives both physiologically & psychologically. The program empowers people to stay motivated and accountable until they have achieved success whilst using a holistic approach, capturing every element of their well-being.”

My name is Samantha Wooldridge
My passion is food, exercise and advocating a well balanced lifestyle! If I can help my clients to achieve their goals and reduce stress by balancing their busy lives, then I’ve done my job! My strong 8 year background in fitness and soon to be completed nutrition degree have given me an insight into what wellbeing and happiness really mean, and how to help people find theirs- whatever the goal may be!

“That’s why I love being a part of ISFit;

we take into account every element of a person’s life. ISFit is an incredible community, where we have seen the most amazing changes! ISFit coaches people towards their transformations, no matter how big the goal! We help, where we can, and encourage our clients to live their dreams.” I believe in good food, supporting the local community, persistence, to-do-lists and dreams.

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